Anchoring pros and cons on Dragonfly

With the closing of Travelpod, I have decided to create my own site to chronicle our journey. I will be adding back the content from last year's journey as I have time but thought I better get started on this year before we get too far down the water.

Today our travel time was about 20 minutes as we left the 360 degree protection of Haverstraw cove for the other side of the Hudson, Croton on the Hudson. We are now safely anchored and Danny has gone off to scope things out. Haverstraw is awesome but there have been changes that made getting to shore difficult. The dogs are ok on the boat when we are at anchor but our friends are at Half Moon Bay marina on this side and so is the train to NYC. 

Last night was our first night at anchor since late May. I had forgotten some of the benefits of being at anchor:

  • an ever changing view as the boat swings on the anchor.
  • a wonderful breeze, that last night kept us cool. (ok the night got a little chilly with the window open but...)
  • It is quiet at anchor. Depending on where you are there can be beautiful views both around and up in the sky. Very often there is little ambient light so the stars are our in full force. Of course the skies need to be clear for that too. 
  • no dock to bash into
  • neighbours are close enough to visit by dinghy but far enough that we don't hear them and they can't see inside the boat
  • going to shore means a dinghy ride!
  • if it is rainy we stay on the boat and find things to do.
  • the soft rolling of the boat puts me to sleep

Of course there are disadvantages to everything so here are the disadvantages to anchoring:

  • if it is rainy and you have to go to shore, you get wet
  • going to shore means a dinghy ride
  • power and water management are key
  • no a/c and no heat
  • water traffic means some rocking and rolling without a dock to hold us steady

Clearly, I prefer to anchor based on my lists above, and really the no heat, no a/c is generally not an issue as if we need a breeze we open the window and if we want heat we keep the heat in that was generated by the engines running. Last resort, we start the generator. Dinghy rides are fun, unless it is rainy and blowing but then, why go out? Rocking and rolling is part of the experience. Sometimes challenging but most often easily dealt with. This leaves power and water management. I love a challenge and essentially this is off grid living; a disadvantage if you want long hot showers and a blow dryer but not so much otherwise. It is fun to see what we really and truly need and what we can do without and still be happy. Power for navigational items is essential. Hair dries on its own as do clothes.

Challenge: What do you take for granted and what can you live without?